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My Other Ghost Experience at Home

I was 14 just shortly after seeing the 'Red-Eyed Ghost' when I saw them.  My bed was to the left of the door, with the window with a short curtain next to my bed.  The closet with no doors on the right side of the door, and my computer desk directly across from my bed.  There was about a 6 inch gap between the desk and the wall, and in the middle of the night when I awoke there was a tall shadow figure.  He fit in the gap like sitting in a chair, and he was big.  On the other side with the closet between the closet and another window directly across from the door was a white shelf.  On it was another shadow figure in the shape of a large cat, like a panther, who later on stepped down from the shelf leaving a small house cat shadow figure in its wake.  While these figures gave me an uneasy feeling, they never felt like they would harm me.  They were the complete opposite of the 'Red-Eyed Ghost'.  On another night I was lying on my bed turned completely on my left side with my right arm flat against the bed.  That's when I felt a warm breath on my neck.  I knew no one else was around because if someone tried to move anywhere our house was old enough that the boards creak loudly.  This feeling was terrifying and I lain there for maybe 15 minutes before I gathered enough courage to turn over.  There was no one there.  Shortly after the 'Red-Eyed Ghost' entered my house I have not woken in the middle of the night nor seen any of the figures since.
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