Spectrewaves Paranormal at Northwestern biggest Old Funeral Home on a Paranormal Investigation Cicero, Illinois USASpectrewaves Paranormal at the biggest Funeral Home in the northwest on a Paranormal Investigation now used as a church called Evangelical Spiritual Church in Cicero, Illinois USA captures Paranormal Activity Spectrewaves Paranormal In June of 2019 were at the Evangelical Spiritual Church in Cicero IL. This was once one of the biggest Funeral Homes in NW Illinois. In the Embalming room we had RemPod Activity with Static Electricity and EMF spikes that were caught by the MelMeter. This was the most EMF activity Spectrewaves have ever captured during an investigation. We also received a hit on the Ovilus during this encounter. Spectrewavesllp Paranormal https://youtu.be/WXSAgcjbK_w

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