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History & Hauntings of Bobby Mackey's

At 44 Liking Pike in Wilder, Kentucky sits Bobby Mackey's Music World, one of America's most haunted locations, and considered by some, one of the most evil. Throughout its life, many changes have happened. From a slaughterhouse to

Shadow People: My Experiences

As time passed, I still felt uneasy my boyfriend and I still saw our lights ficker and sometimes unexplained noises. We decided to just ignore those noises until I decided I couldn't ignore my uneasiness no more. My son was

Mysteries of Jack the Ripper

With the fragment of human kidney sent in the mail to the police came a letter: "I send you half the kidney I took from one woman ... and the other piece I fried and ate ..." The

Fear of the Dark

Rapid heartbeats, shortness of breath, an overwhelming feeling of dread or sheer terror. Close the closet door. Check under the bed. Fear of the dark, or 'nyctophobia' in children and 'achluophobia' in adults, as it's called in the medical world, is

Ghosts of a Haunted Farmhouse

Exact location isn’t given and pseudonyms are used because confidentiality was requested. The Schmidt family homestead is in Pennsylvania Deutsch country. Homeowner Tom traced the building’s history. Lawyer Peter Schmidt relocated to a major city. He became involved in politics and

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