9 Places in Washington to Find Bigfoot

There is a belief that's powerful in the Northwest: The belief that Bigfoot exists. While some doubt that such a creature roams the wilderness of Washington, witnesses who have seen, heard and in many cases, smelled a Bigfoot, would tell you differently.

Even one Bellevue psychologist, Rhettman Mullis, has found himself doubling as Bigfoot expert and he hopes his website, bigfootology.com will help prove Sasquatch's existence to non-believers.

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Mullis is not alone: In these nine Washington counties there have been 20 reports or more of encounters with Sasquatch. These are the places where you're most likely to encounter the Pacific Northwest's most elusive creature.

Information and reports from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.


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9. Jefferson County

9-jefferson-county-smReports of footprints and first-hand accounts of Bigfoot sightings are not uncommon along the Olympic Peninsula.
In the area, which is known to be among the wettest in Washington, there have been several recordings of footprints left in the mud. According to the BFRO, Sasquatch footprints are often marked by their depth, because it is a heavy body walking through the area, and a lack of a visible "arch."
Read the reports from Jefferson County here.



8. Mason County

8-mason-county-smAmong Mason County's 21 Bigfoot encounters are heard vocalizations, and even some cell phone photos.
Considered a "Class A" report, or a report that involves clear sightings in circumstances where misinterpretation or misidentification of other animals can be ruled out with confidence, a man on Harstine Island detailed his encounter with Sasquatch in the fall of 1993. He described the speed at which it walked and the massive height of the creature. But he also noticed, "The worst smell I have ever smelled in my life burned my nostrils."
Read the reports from Mason County here.



7. Yakima County

7-yakima-county-smOf the 23 reports in Yakima County, the first dates back to 1941 when a "tall black creature covered with hair and very muscular was seen walking quickly across a clearing." The most recent is from this summer, when a camper believed they not only heard Sasquatch, but may have been touched by one as well.
Members of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BRFO) and the Washington Bigfoot Field Research Group (WABFR) have also spotted Bigfoot in Yakima County. The witness from the BRFO has called the Chinook Pass area a consistent "hot zone" for the Washington crew of Bigfoot investigators.
Read the reports from Yakima County here.



6. Lewis County

6-lewis-county-smThe first of 40 Bigfoot sightings goes back to the fall of 1967, when some teenagers armed themselves with rifles and decided to go after the "Brinson Monster." A shot was fired but the creature, "just kept going" according to the report.
Since then, many reporters have heard vocalizations, and six of the 40 reports have seemed to take place near the same area outside of Packwood, Washington.
Read the reports from Lewis County here.



5. Grays Harbor County

5-grays-harbor-county-smAlong the Pacific coastline, 40 reports of Sasquatch encounters have included sightings on beaches and near fish hatcheries.
In one report, dated as occurring in 1982 but submitted in 2001, a witness from the Gray's Harbor County Sheriff's Department summarized several cases where officers examined "unusual" scenes along stream and river-side areas. The origin of the evidence at these scenes was never determined.
Read the reports from Grays Harbor County here.



4. King County

4-king-county-smHuge footprints, a smell "worse than death" and sightings off logging roads have all been reported among the 44 logged encounters with a Bigfoot creature in King County.
On August 5, 2009 as a couple was returning to Seattle via Amtrak's Empire Builder, a man caught a glimpse of the creature he believed to be Sasquatch. About a mile west of the Cascade tunnel, the man saw the 8 to 9-foot tall figure outside the train. He reported that while it was just a "glimpse" he was positive of what he saw, staring out into a remote, desolate, and wild area.
Read the reports from King County here.



3. Snohomish County

3-snohomish-county-smRecorded reports of Bigfoot go back to 1958 in Snohomish County. Here, witnesses have not only heard "vocalizations" of the believed-Sasquatch, but screams as well.
In Snohomish County, it doesn't seem like the creature necessarily tries to hide from populated areas, often crossing roads in front of motorists. While campers and hikers are still the most frequent reporters of Bigfoot encounters here, there are also four accounts of a Bigfoot near witnesses' homes.
Read the reports from Snohomish County here.



2. Skamania County

2-skamania-county-smIn Skamania County, where their have been 54 reports of some kind of Sasquatch-encounter, a common theme is hearing vocalizations. Several other reporters have seen footprints when out in the Skamania wilderness.
Most remarkable, however, might be the daytime sighting by a hiker near the top of Silver Star Mountain. On November 17, 2005, this hiker saw something strange, got out their camera and took photos as they stood in waist-deep snow and chilling wind. See the photos here.
Read the reports from Skamania County here.



1. Pierce County

1-pierce-county-smIn the county that's home to Mt. Rainier, Washington's tallest peak, the highest number of Bigfoot sightings have been reported: 69.
Since 1967 there have been reports of vocalizations that seemingly belonged to a Bigfoot creature, multiple accounts of hairy bipedal creatures with many of the accounts taking place near dusk.
The most recent report is from a man who saw an "oversized" gorilla in March of 2014. It's one of 5 reports from the Ashford area.
Read the reports from Pierce County here.


Also, check out the Google map for Bigfoot sightings in the United States


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