The Smudging Ceremony



What you’ll need:

*If you aren’t sure about some of these, you can choose from options listed below*

Basic Smudging:

The smudging plant of your choice and a lighter

Non flammable burner of your choice

A Turkey Feather

Add These Items to the basic ceremony for a more complex ceremony:

The essential Oil you feel suits your personal situation

Ceremonial Shaman’s Bell~ Another form of music to use to cleanse and enhance your chant or prayer.

Meditation CD~ music is great to use to cleanse negative energy as long as it is positive and relaxing.


First off, open all doors and windows, even get a fan going if you have one, the faster the circulation of air in the home, the faster the cleansing will take effect. The way the smudging works, is to catch the negative energy or spirit in the smoke, and when that smoke clears, all negative is taken out of your home. Second, be sure that your home is PHYSICALLY clean of dirt and clutter, which will make the cleansing process easier as there is nowhere for the negative energy to “hide” and the smoke can get into all the corners of the space.

Have all of your items easily accessible. Take your NON FLAMMABLE burner and tear off a few pieces of your cleansing plant. DO NOT light the entire end of the Smudge Stick, for three reasons; one, you will be overwhelmed with smoke. Second, it is a pain to put the entire end out. Third, when you do light the end, the smoke makes the rest of the Smudge Stick go stale.

Take the few pieces (usually about two table spoons, remember, if your space is large you can always add more to your burner) of your Smudge Stick that you removed and place them in your burner, place the rest of the Smudge Stick in a ziplock bag to keep it fresh.  Light your herb, and begin in the cleansing process with your Turkey Feather, walk from room to room using the feather to push the smoke into the nooks and crannies of your space, make sure you are moving in a confident motion, complete a circle in your space, the easiest way to do this is by keeping one arm to the same wall, or just go in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion through your home. Keep in mind that YOU have the power over your home, and what you say goes. You have the power to clear your space of negative energies. While doing the ceremony say the chant or prayer of your choice, there will be some basics below that you can choose from and/or modify based on your own personal situation and belief system.

Once you’ve gone through all the rooms in your space with your smoke, you can use the cleansing oil of your choice and just spritz it in the rooms to complete the sealing of the cleansing.  For extra protection you can place Sea Salt in the four corners of your space. When the smoke clears from the open doors and windows…so does the negative energy, and you’re done until you feel you need to cleanse again.

The Specifics:


There are many varieties of sage, and most have been used in smudging. The botanical name for "true" sage is Salvia (Salvia officinalis, Garden Sage, or Salvia apiana, White Sage). Salvia comes from the Latin root salvare, which means "to heal." There are also varieties of sage which are of a species separate from Salvin Artemusia. Included here are sagebrush (e.g. Artemisia californica) and mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris). Sage is burned in smudging ceremonies to drive out bad spirits, feelings, or influences, and also to keep bad spirits from entering the area where a ceremony takes place. You can most commonly find sage at your local holistic store along with most other items you’ll require for your Smudging Ceremony.


Cedar is also used regularly by the Native North Americans in the Pacific Northwest, where I am from so I thought I’d share for you North westerners, usually Western Red Cedar and California Cedar Incense is used, but do your research and if you feel that another type suits your personal situation more then use what you feel works best for you. Cedar is burned while praying either aloud or silently. The prayers rise on the cedar smoke and are carried to the Creator. Cedar is also spread along with sage on the floor of the sweat lodges of some Northwest tribes. Cedar branches are brushed in the air to cleanse a home during the House Blessing Ceremony of many Northwest Indian nations. In the Pacific Northwest, the people burn cedar for purification in much the same way as sage - it drives out negative energy; but it also brings IN good influences. The spirit of cedar is considered very ancient and wise by Pacific Northwest tribes, and old, downed cedar trees are honored with offerings and prayers.


This is one of the most sacred plants of the Plains Indians, Sweetgrass is a tall wild grass with a reddish base, and perfume-like, musty odor. It grows mainly on the eastern side of the Rockies in Montana. Sweetgrass is much the same as cedar in the ceremony and that it brings in good influences and energy.  One thing to keep in mind is that Sweetgrass is rare and very hard to come by.

Rose Oil or Water

Roses are associated with Feminine Energy and the Goddess, thus bringing a calming, sweet energy to your home. 

Lotus oil

This is known as the Happy Oil, it will bring good energy into the home.

Frankincense and Myrrh

If you have a particularly difficult negative energy to cleanse add this with your Smudgeing herb and it will make the ceremony more powerful.


Use these examples and personalize them to fit your needs and your personal belief system. You can always use your own prayer or chant, as you have the power to cleanse your space. These are just some examples you can go off of.

Call on your Guardian Angels and the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel to clear your home. Ask these angels to fill the space with white light (an angel energy that has an intelligence and life force all its own), white light protects you from harm. Imagine Divine white light cleansing and balancing every square inch of your space. For extra protection visualize a triple shield of light using white light for the first layer, followed by a layer of pink light which shields you from negative people, and then a third layer of purple light which will deflect psychic attacks and entities.
(Be sure to thank the Angels for their assistance.)

“I call upon the Archangels Michael and Gabriel to clear this space. We ask you to fill this home, this space, with white light, with love, kindness, harmony, and peace. We ask that you protect this space, our home, from harm. We thank you angels for protecting this space.”

You can cast a triple grid, with this technique you call in the Angels to keep areas like your home, workplace or car energetically clean. In the Triple Grid technique you ask the specific group to set up their level of the grid, designating the geometric shape, size and location. You may want to renew the grid weekly or just whenever you notice the energy getting funky. (1)

“Legions of Michael: grid level one, spherical, my house. Destroyer Force Angels: grid level two, spherical, my house. Circle Security: grid level three, spherical, my house. "Destroyer Force Angels: please spin your grid, spinning out astral entities, adverse electromagnetic frequencies, fear, disharmony, anger, adverse astrological influences, expectation, frustration, viruses, fungi, bacteria, worry, astral distortions, miscommunication, sadness, enemy patterning, scarcity, loneliness, karmic monads, and anything that distorts the spiritual signature or clear communication with Spirit. Spin out anything that hasn't been mentioned in this or any other language, but which you know needs to leave the space at this time." (These are just a few suggestions. Fill in whatever is needed according to your situation). When the clearing feels complete, continue with, "Reverse spin, same stuff." When that feels complete, end with, "Stop spin. Thank you."


By Marissa Clark, The Paranormal Society Contributing Author

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