Legend of the Pig Lady

I still am not quite sure if what I am about to tell you actually happened or not. It could have been a really bad nightmare... at least that's what I have been trying to tell myself for years now. Has anyone ever heard of the Pig Lady?
Well, when I heard of her, I was around 12 years old in 2005. I had stayed over at a friend's house and we stayed up all night telling each other scary stories.
Then one girl told us about the Pig Lady. She said that it's someone who has a woman's body with the face of a pig. You have to say her name three times and she would appear and chase you.
There was no way that I believed that! Then she said that it actually happened to her and some old friends of her's before. She told me about how the Pig Lady had chased them through the woods.
I didn't believe a word that she was saying, but I played along anyway.
After a moment, she decided to say her name three times. "Pig Lady... Pig Lady... Pig Lady." Nothing happened. I decided that it was just an old scary myth that wasn't the least bit true. After the stories were over and we went to sleep, it was thundering and lightning outside.
Since the bed was right under the window and we had no curtains up, everyone made me sleep on that side of the bed, directly under the window. Both of my friends had went to sleep before me and I had stayed awake listening to the rain. Then, all of a sudden, there was a bolt of lightning and I could have sworn, in that split second, that I had saw someone standing in that window, but as soon as I blinked my eyes, they were gone.
I kept telling myself that I was just imagining things and that I had to fall asleep and in the morning everything would be fine. When I woke the next morning, my two friends decided that they wanted to walk to the store. So, I got up, took a bath, got dressed and was ready to go. As we walked, again we started talking about the Pig Lady, and again one of my friends said her name three times. Then, we all yelled her named at the top of our lungs three times.
The next thing we knew, we heard footsteps behind us. On the specific road we were on, there were nothing but trees around us. My friend's house was the only house on that road and the nearest neighbors were closer to the store almost another mile away.
All of us were afraid to look behind us, but every time we stopped walking, the footsteps stopped.
"Um... Do ya'll hear that, too?" one of the girls asked me.
"Hear what?" I asked, being in denial.
Before anyone could respond, I decided to turn my head for just a second to see exactly what was going on, and immediately I wished I didn't. The sight I saw was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. It was a woman dressed in a blue jump suit with a baseball cap on. As soon as I looked behind me, she lifted her head and I saw the face of a pig!
I took off running and screaming without looking back. I knew that my friends were somewhere behind or beside me because I could hear their screams over my own. When we reached the store ten minutes later, I took a chance and looked behind me again, but I saw nothing. I didn't stop running until I got inside the store, though and I didn't see a trace of anything but me and my friends.
We looked at each other, all out of breath and not sure if what just happened happened. We called the girl's mom and asked her to pick us up because we saw a strange guy watching us. To this day, we swore that it never actually happened. We swore that it was just our imagination. But how could we all have imagined the same thing? And how did that person just up and disappear?
These are the questions that we have avoided throughout the years and will continue to avoid.
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