3 Major Types of Alien Beings

Reports of alien visitations with humans have been described by alien abductees to UFO investigators as well as organizations that are documenting these eyewitness accounts for further research and study. Over time, those who have been abducted by aliens have named the different forms of aliens responsible for these interactions. Based on these eyewitness accounts, there are 3 major types recognized by those who have encountered them: the Grays, the Reptilians and the Nordics.
1) The Grays - most reports of alien encounters concern alien beings called the Grays. The public has become familiar with these gray skinned, creased & wrinkled alien forms as their images appear frequently in many television shows and movies. They have been described as 4 feet tall with large bulging heads and extremely bulbous eyes without eyelids. Witnesses explain that the Grays take humans into their UFOs and perform what can only be described as scientific experiments on their abductees. Apparently, the Grays have a social hierarchy in that multiple people have mentioned there are workers and doctors/leaders performing separate tasks on the ships.
2) The Reptilians - first hand alien encounters with the next type of alien is by far the most disturbing for those who experience it. This class of alien is called the Reptilian. Not only do they appear lizard and snakelike, but from eyewitness accounts, this alien type treats their captives less than favorably. They use brute force and fear to intimidate.
3) The Nordics - these alien beings have been reported as "Nordic-looking" with blonde or extremely light hair and blue eyes. Considered to be quite beautiful, they could potentially pass as humans if you saw them from a distance as they walked down the street. Sightings have been reported in Europe and Scandinavian countries but not the U.S.
Most cases of alien abduction result in the affected person being returned to the area where they were first abducted; however, often the memory of this experience does not always come back to them quickly. Often, they experience lost time, unknown injuries and memory flashes, which cause them to seek help from doctors and psychologists. Many alien encounters are recovered after therapy, dream analysis and/or hypnosis.
No extraterrestrial being has ever actually informed their human captive of the names Grays, Reptilians or Nordics. Instead these monikers have developed over time to help alien abductees describe these alien beings to the general public, doctors, friends and family members. Caroline Michelle, contributing author
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