Roswell Alien Sightings and E.T. Debate

The Roswell alien sightings captured the attention of the American public and brought this unexplained phenomena to the forefront of the public debate about the existence of extraterrestrials. Made famous by a UFO crash in 1947, Roswell has become a place where UFO researchers and enthusiasts continue to debate the existence of actual aliens on the site and whether the government covered up the story.
Many theories about the Roswell incident abound, however, it is commonly believed that the crash yielded physical evidence of a UFO as well as deceased alien beings that were taken from the site by the government. The United States military continues to assert that the crash was by one of our own aircraft and fragments recovered were part of that craft. The idea that our own military caused the crash is believed to be a cover-up due in part to the Majestic 12, an investigative organization tasked to study alien sightings and the activities of UFOs visiting Earth. This secret group was formed by President Truman. The U.S. government denies that the Majestic 12 ever existed. Supporters of the UFO conspiracy believe that denial of the existence of this committee is part of the entire governmental cover-up.
Although the government may have potential secret groups studying alien sightings, there are modern day researchers openly studying the possibilities of extraterrestrials visiting our planet. According to some of this research, scientists have traced alien sightings as far back as ancient China. Perhaps this ancient connection to aliens has more recently made China a hot spot for UFO sightings. Many believe that the Chinese have been visited by aliens for thousands of years.
An exciting find occurred in 1938 when archeologists uncovered a cave system in the mountainous region between Tibet and China. Inside the burial cave, they found rows of tombs and in each one a skeleton with a round, one foot wide stone disc. These discs later become known as Dropa Stones. The Dropa Stones were carved with pictures that are estimated to be 12,000 years old. They also included inscriptions with hieroglyphs that tell a story of aliens that crashed and were stranded there. The surviving aliens hid in the caves of the region until the survivors were hunted down and killed by the locals.
The unexplained phenomena of Dropa Stones, alien sightings and UFO crashes only further creates interest in this controversial topic. It will only be a matter of time before continued research into UFO and alien sightings will bring about the proof to determine if aliens do exist.
Caroline Michelle, contributing author
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