To start, It's important to understand what a haunting is. A haunting is a series of unexplained, well documented events associated with the supernatural.
In order for a haunting to be considered a haunting, it must be investigated by a

Paranormal Investigating and Ghost Hunting can be an adrenaline rush and can bring together a lot of great people. You can gain a lot of experience and experience some amazing situations. You need to be fully prepared and be prepared

The true function of consciousness is quite puzzling, and its relationship to the central nervous system is riddled with hard questions. Some regard consciousness as eluding rational explanation, while some like the late psychologist William James contend that consciousness does

After hearing of complaints about responses and poor actions from paranormal groups, we decided to try an experiment to test the waters.
We took random photos that contained orbs and other possible anomolies and submitted them to these same 3

Chupacabra is a Spanish word meaning "Goat Sucker". It's name comes from the way it supposedly sucks the blood from its victims, more specifically, goats in Puerto Rico. Obviously, its name is derived from the native language from where it

I've heard this interesting, yet old theory, called the Singapore Theory only once before. Most of the time, it's referred to as the Theory of Familiarization or simply Paranormal Stimuli.In essence, the theory is really basic. The method involves trying

Have you ever had memories of a past life, memories of vivid pictures of places or even events? Have you ever dreamed of being a different person at a different time period?  Reincarnation may explain some the reason why many

In today's world, one of the most important aspects of your repertoire as a paranormal investigator is your group's website. It's a proven fact that the internet is the first stop for information. Forget phone books... Forget local ads; The

On September 19, 1961, a couple, Betty and Barney Hill were returning from a Canadian vacation to their home in New Hampshire. Barney worked for the postal service and Betty worked for the child welfare department.
Both were well educated and
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