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Term Definition
The expulsion of a demon, spirit, ghost or some other entity thought to be possessing or haunting a human being or location. Also see: Exorcism
In Irish and Scottish lore; a female spirit that attaches itself to families and manifests as an omen to announce an impending death in the family.
Symbol created by Eliphas Levi, and term use to describe a deity worshiped by the Knights Templar. The image depicts a goats head, with horns, placed on a human's body. This symbol is used by occultists and the Church of Satan in the inverted pentagram as the center of their rituals.
Basic Technique
Phrase used in card-guessing tests of clairvoyance, in which the top card of the deck is placed to one side after each guess.
Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is the name given to an ape-like Cryptid said to roam the woods of North America.
Billet Reading
Process in which a question is secretly written on a piece of paper. The paper is then sealed in an envelope, and handed to a psychic who attempts to answer the question.
The phenomenon where a person’s body is seen in two places at the same time.
Psychokinetic effects on the human biological system.
A technique that utilizes specialized equipment to gain a greater awareness of one's physiological state. With training, biofeedback machines can allow you to manipulate certain functions of the body including heart rate, brainwaves and pain.
Black Arts
Techniques associated with magical spells or rituals conducted with the intent of harming others.
Black Mass
1) This was traditionally a ceremony conducted by accused witches and held as a Mockery of the Christian Sunday Mass. Today, it is a service of secrecy held by the Church of Satan. 2) Is also a term used to describe various ghostly apparitions in which the entire figure is shrouded in a black mass.
Black Shuck
An all black creature about the size of a calf with large eyes that glow red, yellow, or green.
An experimental control where subjects are not informed of certain features of an experiment.
Boogey Man
A legendary ghost-like monster often used as a term by children to describe a frightening experience or entity.

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