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Lens Flare
Unwanted photographic streaks, shapes or haze caused by bright light shining into the camera lens or saturating the image being taken by the camera.
In paranormal terms; the suspension or raising of a person or an object.
Ley Lines
Ley lines are thought to be points of energy around the world that connect natural, sacred and prehistoric locations into geographic patterns by way of invisible lines, ancient pathways or astronomical alignments.
Life after Death
The concept that one's eternal soul or spirit survives biological death and lives on in another place or form.
Life Review
A phenomena associated with a near death experience where "your life flashes before your eyes".
Louisiana Voodoo
Louisiana Voodoo, which is also known as New Orleans Voodoo, like other forms of Vodou, is based on West African religious traditions which were brought over by slaves hundreds of years ago. The Louisiana Voodoo was developed among the French, Spanish, and Creole speaking Africans of the state of Louisiana.
Lucid Dreaming
A type of dream where the person is aware that they are dreaming and has the ability to control the events of the dream.
In paranormal terms; lucidity is the clairvoyant ability to sense clarity and truth.
Luminous Phenomena
Lights and colored orbs though to be the result of psychic energy. Can also be caused by the releasing of magnetic energy through plate tectonics prior to an earthquake.
The supposed magical transformation of a person into the form of a wolf. See also shape-shifting, therianthropy, werewolf.

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