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The word "macumba" is frequently used in Brazil to refer to any ritual or religion of African origin, and although its use by non-practitioners remains largely pejorative in intent (referring to all sorts of religious (or otherwise) superstitions and luck-related rituals and beliefs), and is considered offensive, its use among actual practitioners is not viewed negatively. In Brazil one can find expressions such as "chuta que é macumba!" ("kick it, for it be witchcraft!") to show disagreement with bad luck.
Paranormal practice of conjuring spiritual assistance to influence or control people or events.
Magic Spell
Verbal incantations believed to contain paranormal powers to affect everything from health to love to wealth to anything and everything.
Made most famous and heavily revived by Aleister Crowley, Magick is the art of utilizing energy and the environment to manipulate anything capable of change, for either positive or negative use.
An EMF detector that measure the presence, fluctuations, direction and strength of an electromagnetic magnetic field. Paranormal investigators believe these devices can help locate a ghost or spirit.
When a spirit or ghost uses enough energy to appear; either partially or fully figured.
Modern term for Apophenia or Pareidolia; where the observer recognizes patterns in meaningless random data.
Medicine Man / Medicine Woman
Shaman or healer often associated with Native American tribes.
Technique where one trains their mind to produce an altered state of consciousness which spiritually benefits the practitioner.
A person who believes they can act as a bridge to connect with ghosts or spirits "on the other side".
A system of healing developed by F.A. Mesmer, involving the induction of trance states and the supposed transfer of animal magnetism. People in Mesmeric trance often showed paranormal abilities such as clairvoyance.
Branch of Philosophy that deals with the abstract understanding of the fundamental nature of reality, the purpose of life and the essence of being human.
Old world term for reincarnation and the transmigration of soul.
An event claimed to be the result of divine intervention.
Photographic or visual anomaly claimed to be the manifestation of ghosts or spirits.

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