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OBE / OOBE - Out Of Body Experience
Experience where one feels they are floating outside their own body. Similar to Astral Projection.
Objective Apparitions
Paranormal phenomena appearing independent of our thought, mind or feeling.
Occam's Razor
Principle of logic that dictates; when competing theories for unknown phenomena are presented, the simplest explanation is usually correct.
The study and practice of secret or hidden knowledge of the supernatural.
A prophetic sign believed to foretell future events.
Highly controversial semi-transparent spheres of light visible in photographs that some people claim to represent the spirits of dead people. Other people claim orbs are nothing more than dust, moisture or insects enhanced by the backscatter effect of a camera's flash.
Other Side
Paranormal term used to describe the spirit world.
Ouija Board
A paranormal tool comprised of a board with letters and numbers on which messages are sent by spirits or ghosts. These messages are communicated as a person unconsciously moves a glass or planchette across the board.

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