My Encounters

This evil spirit encounter started about a year ago (2013) at my house (Houston, Texas) and then moved with me to another location, which I will explain in detail later on.
My first encounter with this evil spirit, which I am sure is in fact a demon, occurred a few months ago at my house. I remember seeing these strange lights out in the woods and coyotes howling for their lives. I also remember that I was moving things at my house and moving a television to the guest room that I have.
As I opened the door, I saw a tall, dark, shadowy figure wearing a formal English Classic Stiff Hat as well as a large trench coat that extended to the legs. This outfit seemed really outdated. At first, I was scared to look at this and told my family as well as my girlfriend what happened.
As a few months passed by, I decided to face my fears and stay in the guest room for a couple of nights. I remember one night in particular, someone or something knocked on my door. Obviously, I opened it thinking that it was my mom, who needed something. However, it was not and I immediately knew that it was this demon that was trying to get ahold of my spirit. Nothing really happened after that.
Another encounter occurred while I was walking to the guest room. I smelled a foul odor in this one section of the hallway on the way to the guest room. I knew it was a demon again because that one place never smelled like that before and it never has again.
The one encounter that I will never forget, one night that separated from the rest, was watching the demon trying to get ahold of me. I remember while I was trying to sleep, there was a strange light that was haunting me. I remember specifically what happened. First, there was a flashing red light that happened from the balcony just right outside the guest room, which is on the second floor of my house. Then I saw a demon-looking figure that flashed for a quick second. As it flashed, it was a white color that lit up. I placed myself under the blanket and prayed. The next thing it did was that it tried to spook me by almost pulling the blinds off the window, which in fact, was closed shut completely. I prayed so hard to God and it went away.
My last encounter occurred three weeks ago (in the fourth week of April, 2014) at another house with my girlfriend. As she was in another room, I decided to relax and rest a little bit. While I was resting, I heard knocking coming in from the closet. I knew that it was the demon, again trying to get ahold of me.
I decided that this demon has messed with the wrong person, and as I opened the closet door, I heard a laugh that I never heard before. I prayed to God that it would go away and leave my family alone. However, after I did that, I felt something coming into my body that I never felt before. It started from my right hand and it worked its way to the right side of my body. However, as soon as it was going to the other side of my body, particularly to my heart, everything stopped. My girlfriend came back, explaining to me that she heard something as well.
I may not be a perfect human being, but I am a God-fearing man and I do believe that God has strengthened my spirit. I am very fortunate to have my family, including my girlfriend, who have taught me to not be afraid of these things because they know my spirit is strong. Above all, though, I thank God every day and night. To all those reading this article, I thank you, and I hope after reading this who are encountering demons to never be afraid and have courage, because God is with you always.
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