Ghosts of a Haunted Farmhouse

Exact location isn’t given and pseudonyms are used because confidentiality was requested.

The Schmidt family homestead is in Pennsylvania Deutsch country. Homeowner Tom traced the building’s history. Lawyer Peter Schmidt relocated to a major city. He became involved in politics and was the “fall guy” for a political scandal, imprisoned, disbarred and returned home in disgrace.

Later, the property was sold to the local historical society for its headquarters. Tom was remodeling the farmhouse. The kitchen was modernized. Living and dining rooms and one bedroom were revamped, furnished with antiques or replicas. The living room featured red upholstered Victorian furniture and an armoire.


The Investigation

The night was a rainy one in late September. Lee, who had been given no information about the phenomena other than the house was haunted, was the investigator. In addition to Tom, observers included skeptic Ben, chemical engineer Amy, Liz, Dee and Jen. Tom led the group through the kitchen for a house tour. When Liz and Lee were by the armoire, Lee said there was a female spirit attached to it.

The second floor was next. The renovated bedroom had a bed and some furniture. One night, Tom said her heard people’s voices downstairs, but, when he tried to get out of bed, an invisible force held him down.

The basement was next. Lee felt the presence of a blue-eyed blonde girl of about seven. She didn’t want to leave…. Sick, but could have been cured with modern medicine, non-existent then…. Tom asked her if there was another ghost. Yes, a shy and scared boy, of about two or three, wearing a night shirt, holding a stuffed animal. Tom revealed he had seen the children’s ghosts. The adjacent room had an earthen floor, containing a child’s headstone with an illegible inscription.

The group returned to the living room. As Lee gave a synopsis of the phenomena, she felt something playing with her hair and mentioned this in a humorous manner before she held a group meditation because altered states of consciousness, ACS, usually enhance psychic abilities. She began to see a vision of a fence, but shook it off. After the meditation ended, she asked the group if they experienced anything paranormal. Ben “saw” a fat white-haired old lady, dressed in purple rocking and rolling in a chair above the armoire. He thought it was funny until Tom told him the armoire had been his grandmother’s who died six months before. She had white hair, was heavy, often wore purple and owned a swivel rocker.

Some felt Peter Schmidt’s presence whom Lee called the Cantankerous One.

The group went to the kitchen for the delicious refreshments Tom provided. Lee lingered in the living room for several minutes. The children’s apparitions communicated with her. “Please don’t make us leave. We want to stay.” She assured them they would remain and told no one about this.

The group reconvened in the living room to discuss the night’s events. While they were doing so, Amy went into an ACS and reassured the children they wouldn’t have to leave. Later, she said she felt little hands patting her legs during the meditation, clairsentience. Jen had a vision of fences.




Lee was back home, in her living room, when she smelled something musty and felt the Cantankerous One’s presence. He wanted releasement from being earthbound. She assured him it would happen. Later, Ben, no longer the skeptic said he was afraid Peter would follow him home.

Lee talked to Angie, another psychic, about the investigation. Angie said there was a chair, with a negative spirit attached, in Tom’s bedroom that stored in the barn. Once the chair was gone, the bedroom phenomena stopped.

About a month after the investigation, Lee saw Tom. She asked him about the chair. Angie was accurate and Peter’s presence was no longer felt.


Jill Stefko, Contributing Author
Image courtesy of Pxeleyes

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