True Encounters With Shadow People: Part 1

Reports of encounters and experiences with Shadow People have been steadily increasing over the past few years. I'm not sure whether the awareness has been hightened by encounters, or encounters are increasing due to more awareness. Either way, a lot of light is being shed on this often frightening paranormal phenomena.
Today we're sharing some true encounters with shadow people submitted by readers of The Paranormal Society.

I live in a very very old area. I have seen some very weird things here over the years. I had a bad feeling one night recently and grabbed my phone to take some pics of my truck as I felt something bad was in my front yard. When I did check the pics there was what appeared to be a huge ten foot tall black humanoid thing walking around my truck it looked like to me a dark demon.of some sort I git a terrible feeling... I mean it was tall! Like a huge blk human type mass. It was like I knew I was taking its picture over and over I snapped all sorts of pics of this thing. I also have a picture of what appears to be an actual demon with a twisted face and a claw like hand wearing a long blk. Robe in another picture the same night. I think all of these pics were taken between two pics were taken between two and four am. Very scary. There is a lot of bad people in this area. Outside of drug activity I'm wondering if their here because of this evil. Either way you can see shadow people outside on any given night in clusters they are usually humanoid wearing black robes average human size some be real people. Crazy sounding I know but I've seen.them myself congregating in yards or on someones front porch area always whispering to each other while u walk by.... They only come out at night when.its dark. My neighbors have also seen them I was wanting to post pics of them I have plenty... Not sure where to post them as I'm new to this site and really would just like them.gone.
I work for a major hotel chain and work the 11 pm to 7 am shift once a week and 3 pm to 11 pm 4 nights a week. Last night I casually glanced at the security monitor and saw a black mass in the bottom corner of the screen, it disappeared quickly and really freaked me out. The camera was pointed at the front desk where I was sitting. About 2 hours later I noticed the black mass was back but this time I could see shoulders and a head. It only appeared a the corner of the monitor and then jumped out of the frame and then appeared as it was peeking around. I've never felt so scared before. I plan on setting my camera up at work to hopefully catch whatever this is. I talked to the lady that worked the night shift before me and she explained that she had encountered the same thing. Any suggestions on what I'm dealing with?
Everyone seems to experience this when they are just waking up or falling asleep. I however have experienced most of these wide awake. Usually alone in the house. When I first moved into this house my two youngest sons were at their dads and my oldest son was out with his friends. I was in my room with music blasting unpacking stuff and putting it away. As I was hanging stuff in the closet I looked up and I saw someone hunched over run across the hall from the kitchen into my sons room. At first I was embarrassed because I had been dancing and singing very loudly but I thought it must be my oldest son or one of his friends playing a trick. I turned off the music and called out to them. When they didn't answer is when I became really scared. I got my gun from the closet and went to check the room. It was empty even though I was watching the door the entire time and the window was locked. Freaked me out. I have had other experiences too but that time I saw it and it was as real as me.
The very first time I ever saw one was in the trailer we moved into. I would see it out of the corner of my eyes. It would make toys play and give you a feeling of dread always watching you. This went on and continually got worse. It would watch us. My kids were so scared. In the mornings I would make a pallet in the floor and put my kids on it in the living room. I would sleep on the couch with my bible. Things would be moved and found in a different place later. Knocking on walls and footsteps would be heard. We would explain this to my husband and he didn't believe us. One night he sat up late and something scared him so bad we moved the next week. I see these shadow people and it scares me. I fell asleep in the floor one night and felt something take my head and bang it against the floor. Could this shadow person be following me? Several things have happened in different places I have lived.
Okay I have 2 shadow something in my bedroom.About 2 months ago it started? ,At the foot of my bed I see two head shaped objects with a swishing black tail connected to them going back and forth at the end of my bed.I didn't realty think much of it I feel ghost all the time,but just the other day my 5 year old grand daughter had to use the restroom and my bedroom door was shut which is right next to the bathroom. She Yelled for me and I went to her and she was So serious! She said;Nanna You Need to Get rid of the bear in your room.I asked what do you mean?,She said it was really hot right at the door jam of my bedroom door.I know they say ghost are cold but these I feel heat?.Not scared of them but I have been getting ill since this started ,different illnesses?.I wake up every morning at 3 to 4 A.M. can't sleep and wake up soaking wet?.
Was it Satan. Was it a demon. Was it a friend that had died from an overdose.. I am 23. I remember alot of dreams since this has happened. I remember my family was trapped in picture frames from me and monster were running the roads in excitement when all I could do is panic. It has been this way for a long time.. But its getting worse. The doctor said I have sicosis.. I went back to the lake around where I saw it.. And I'm convinced it was all in my head. I kept running around away from it in a panic. Then ran back to see if I could see it again and almost was put into a battle mode and I can't hardly handle myself anymore relapse after relapse and I'm on probation but I don't know what to do to stay calm anymore.
Well my step brother told me something quite creepy which got me onto shadow people. He said he woke up but couldn't move and above his girlfriend was a dancing shadowy sortov gangly person, floating in the air. So he tried to wake her but couldn't. Eventually he turned on the light and woke her up, then told her what happened. She became really upset, because she said she was dreaming something dark was stopping her from waking up! Creeeeeeepy!
I'm a teenager from Missouri and I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I was watching TV early this week about shadow people and it described what I see to a t. I only see the hat man though. I see him quite frequently actually. It made my blood run cold when they described him and showed the picture. He's gotten right in my face while I was sleeping and I've seen his face. It was completely disfigured and I can't get it out of my head. I'm on medicine and they keep having to switch it because nothings working I'm starting to think i don't need medicine.I've told my parents since I was little and drawn pictures of him since I was little as well. He's never been threatening or hurt me. But for some reason I just have pure terror every time I see him. He just stays there for a long time and dissipates. If anyone else has seen him it would be nice to know because I feel alone and crazy
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