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Something has been messing with me and left bruises

So i come from a family of highly sensitive empaths and mediums. my grandma, my mom, me, my sister, and my daughter now too. i've always experienced stuff and we all have gifts like anyone would that come with these abilities. well recently my mom has moved into a new house and she hadn't had anything happen or felt anything until i came to visit and now everything has been happening to me. past few nights i have heard loud bangs on the wall every night at the same time in the same room. well last night it changed to knocks instead and then papers flew out of a bag that was sitting up right. then this morning i wake up with multiple bruises on my legs that i had no idea were there until my mom said something to me. now mind you, i'm only 24 perfectly healthy and have NO problems what so ever. they're in clusters and some look like finger prints and/or handprints. i have been feeling uneasy and last night i did not feel comfortable at all. i included pictures of the bruises. i'm just at a loss. i tried to call my grandma this morning to ask her but she's at work. if anyone can give me any insight as to why and or how any of this is going on, i wouldn't say its my first time with bruises but my first time with so many and with so much going on at once. i have no idea about the history of the land here we are in rome ga and theres a huge lake next to us called swan lake. now i know bodies of water draw in spirits and other things and can be portals to other dimensions. i've seen them, lived near them and closed one. but never have i ever experienced something like this and idk what to do. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!
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