Communication in the Paranormal Field

After hearing of complaints about responses and poor actions from paranormal groups, we decided to try an experiment to test the waters.
We took random photos that contained orbs and other possible anomolies and submitted them to these same 3 different paranormal groups via their proper submit form on their website... and waited. We also submitted them to 2 other smaller groups. Within 2 days we received an answer from 1 of the smaller groups. As for all the others: 1 week went by and no response. 2 weeks and nothing. We resubmitted the photos on the 14th day and attached an email asking very nicely for their opinion. Another 5 days with no response. The one month mark came, yet we still had no response from these groups... not even any form of acknowledgement that they had received the photos.
So the bottom line is that we submitted photos for evaluation to 3 different large, reputable, paranormal groups... and not a single one responded. What does this mean? Well, that's a good question. Were the groups just too busy? Is their case load overflowing? Were they having site or email problems (2 different times)? Did the lines of communication get crossed somewhere? Who knows.
There's more: 2 particuliar people said they submitted requests for help, one involving a family with 2 children and what they felt was a harmful situation. Both also said they never received a response, no offer to help, no offer to investigate. Now, these 2 requests weren't sent to the same large groups mentioned in reference to the photos. Never-the-less, this is disturbing.
Here's my thought: If you have a paranormal group and/or a paranormal-based website that offers help and offers to evaluate evidence, then one would naturally expect you to do just that. I realize that some of these groups have busy schedules, participate in interviews, conducts training and seminars, volunteers, investigates and not to mention, work day jobs. BUT... if someone reaches out to you for help, then that's exactly what you need to do, especially if you openly offer services. No excuses. If your case load is packed and you just can't handle more at that moment, then OK; but answer the person. Let them know you're too busy right now and refer them to someone who CAN help. If you don't have the experience to handle a certain potential type of case, then refer the client to someone who does. NEVER leave a client hanging; It puts doubt in their mind, harms the field itself, and obviously doesn't make your group look good.
AND... if you offer to analyze evidence, then DO IT. You should feel honored if someone submits their findings to you for evaluation. Remember, you're NOT the only paranormal group out there, no matter how big you get. If you get overloaded with requests to analyze evidence, then put a hold on accepting more until you get caught-up. You should also respond to everyone to let them know you received their submission, as a courtesy. If you don't have the time to respond to each one, then just use an auto-responder.
Remember, as paranormal researchers and investigators, you're there to help people that are in need. If you offer a service, regardless of what it is, then make sure your group is ready to handle that request. Don't fail to analyze a photo. And most of all, DO NOT fail to answer a request for help. Remember, if you can't handle it, refer them to someone who can (this is why it's a good idea to befriend other groups).
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