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Prisons & Jails

Prisons and jails are by nature unpleasant places. The type of people housed and the numerous deaths and murders that occur, these tend to be some of the most haunted places in the world.

Other Haunted Places

These are some of the unthinkable has been sure to occur. From the homes and plantations, churches, roads and towns to amusement parks, there's no doubt energy remains.

Insane Asylums

Insane, or "Lunatic" Asylums, as they were once called, have always been a hotbead for paranormal activity. The reason why is easily understood.

Hotels & Inns

Travelers, passers-by and the age and history makes hotels and Inns very notoriously haunted places. History makes its impression, and here there's no exception.


They're places of hope, where lives are saved. Unfortunately, deaths that occur at these places as well, and it's no wonder that hospitals are a haven for paranormal activity.

Battlefields & Military Forts

History has taught us one thing: War is brutal, intense and full of emotion. Once you enter here, you'll understand why they're one of the most haunted places ever.
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